Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Fashion Find Of The Day

Hello again beauties... Today's fashion find of the day comes from one of my favorite costume jewelry sites. GIRL PROPS!! This site is AMAZING! They offer tons of very trendy jewelry, sunglasses, hair accessories etc.. I'm am, and always will be into BIG flashy earrings. Statement earrings, just like statement necklaces are bold and full of character.. Sort of like my personality!! :-) So, here is my find.

Huge Filigree Doorknockers in silver.. Yes, I said doorknockers.. like 1992 style..I LOVE THESE!! Dress them up, dress them down.. WHATEVER!
Can't beat $10 bucks! Here is the link!

Stay Flawsome!! (stole that from Tyra Banks) :-)

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